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"Mizraab" is a Progressive Metal band from Pakistan. Mizraab means "A plectrum made by hand from a continuous strand of iron used to strike the strings of the sitar".

Mizraab has been around for sometime now. Initially the band formed with Faraz on guitars and vocals, Khalid on bass and Akhtar Qayyum on percussions and lyrics in 1997. The band managed to record an album but the album, in Faraz's view, wasn't exactly the sort he wanted to put out. "The album was good but I felt strongly about re-doing it. Not revamping but re-doing it. I had no idea that Akthar would go out and release it, which he did. The album was called ''Panchi''. It had about nine songs on it. It did well but I wasn't expecting the album to hit the market," said Faraz. Faraz and Akhtar parted ways from there because of musical differences. "Akhtar had his own ideas and wanted to branch out so we decided to disband," Faraz explains the reasons of their split.

From there Faraz began working on a solo project. He put together a couple of songs and in the summer of 1999 he went to Lahore to record his project at Digital Fidelity Studios. For one reason or another studio sessions were not possible s...

years active 1997 - present
origin Karachi
country Pakistan
music genre Progressive Metal
current members Faraz Anwar
Faraz Arshad
Irfan Charlie
Shahzad Naseem
past members Khalid Khan
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia