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"Moderatto" is a Mexican rock band famous for their glamour and heavy, yet popular, style of music. The band is formed by members of other bands, such as Fobia.

They began playing in the mid nineties in Mexico City, as a parade popular among members of the Mexican alternative scene. With the coming to the mainstream of many underground interests, they became popular with the higher classes.

They launched their mainstream debut CD, "Resurrexión" in 2001. This album re-awakened the Mexican feeling for Heavy Rock, and quickly gained popularity with their first single "Marchate Ya" and the later "Isabel". In November 2004 they launched "El Detector de Metal", whose first single "Muriendo Lento" featuring female pop singer Belinda, was a huge hit that gave Moderatto popularity among the upper classes. Since the launch of the "Detector de Metal", the band has been giving huge concerts that have been completely Sold Out in Mexico's most important arenas, like the Auditorio Nacional and Teatro Metropolitan. They have just launched their latest single "Quemandome de Amor", which has been widely accepted among the fans.

Moderatto emulates the big 80's bands like Mötley Crüe ...

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