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Modern English

Modern English

"Modern English" is a New Wave band best remembered for their song, "I Melt With You," which was an MTV staple in 1982, and has appeared in various commercials and movies over the years.

Modern English began as a punk band called the Lepers in 1979, with Robbie Grey (vocals and guitar), Gary McDowell (guitar), and Richard Brown (drums). Following the addition of Mick Conroy (bass), and Stephen Walker (keyboards) they changed their name to Modern English, and signed to 4AD Records. They released their first singles "Swans on Glass" and "Gathering Dust" in 1981, before coming out with their debut LP ''Mesh and Lace'', a gothic record inspired by bands like Bauhaus and Joy Division.

The following year, the band had moved away from the art styling of their debut, and came out with the more pop album, ''After the Snow''. A single from the album, "I Melt With You" soon became popular on MTV, thanks in part to its inclusion in the movie, Valley Girl. Even though the song didn't make the Top 40, the album performed fairly well, and a followup ''Ricochet Days'' was released in 1984. This time however neither album nor single(s) performed well. The band's lineup changed several...

origin United Kingdom
status Active
years active 1979 - 1991, 2005 - present
music genre New Wave music
current members Robbie Grey
Gary McDowell
Richard Brown
Mick Conroy
Stephen Walker
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia