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"Mod" or "mods" may refer to:

*Honour Moderations, a first set of examinations at Oxford University

*"Manager on duty"

*Maximum operating depth, in scuba diving

*Minimum Object Distance, in camera lenses

*Ministry of Defence

*Modesto City-County Airport

*Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome

In "music":

*M.O.D., "Method of Destruction", Billy Milano's next band after S.O.D.

*Mod Revival, a genre of rock music in the late 1970s and early 1980s

*Mod (Scotland), a festival of Scottish Gaelic song, arts and culture

*Much on Demand, a request music television show aired on Much Music in Canada

In "culture":

*Mod (lifestyle), 1960's youth movement in England cf. ''Rockers''

*Mod Club Theatre, a nightclub in Toronto, Ontario

*Body modification

In "computing":

*Metadata Object Description Standard, a schema for a bibliographic element set

*MOD (file format), a computer music file format

*Magneto-optical drive

*Moderator, he who moderates

**Forum moderator

*Masters of Deception, a New York-based hacker group

*Case modding, the modification of a computer chassis

*Modchip, a device used to circumvent the digital rights management of ma...

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