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Moldy Peaches

"The Moldy Peaches" are an anti-folk group out of New York City, New York, consisting of Adam Green and Kimya Dawson. The band also includes bassist Steve Mertens, drummer Strictly Beats, and guitarists Jack Dishel and Toby Goodshank.

Green and Dawson met at Exile on Main Street Records in Mount Kisco, New York, and began working together afterwards. In the late 1990s, the group was part of the New York City underground scene, partially due to the band's strange costumes, reminiscent of The Frogs. During 2000 through 2002, the band would tour with bands such as The Strokes and Tenacious D.

Since their second major release, the band has gone into hiatus, with both central members pursuing solo careers with various levels of success. Female lead Dawson has claimed that the Moldy Peaches project is only inactive, not dead.

*Lead singer Kimya Dawson is featured on a Third Eye Blind track entitled Self-Righteous on their latest album, Out of The Vein. The track features a duet with Dawson and Third Eye Blind lead singer Stephan Jenkins.

* Green and Dawson allegedly have an agreement in place not to play Moldy Peaches songs during solo performances

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