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The name ""Monica"" possibly means "advisor" from the Latin ''moneo'', but it is most likely of unknown North African or Phoenician origin, also possibly originates from Greek.

*For the singer (Monica Arnold), see Monica (singer)

*For the automobile brand created by Jean Tastevin, see Monica (car)

*For the leading character of the Brazilian comic strip Monica's Gang from cartoon artist Mauricio de Souza

*For the ''Friends'' character, see Monica Geller

*Monica is the name of a French rocket, Monica (rocket)

*Monica is also name for radar

*Monica is a fictional country in the ''├ćon Flux'' universe

*"Monica" is a song by Leslie Cheung. There is also a song called "Monica" by The Kinks, which appears on their Village Green Preservation Society album.

*"Monica" is the name of a small nation in David Weber's Honor Harrington series of novels, located between the Solarian League and the Talbott Cluster. It is introduced in the 2004 book ''The Shadow of Saganami''.

*"Monica" (332 - 387), is also a Carthaginian saint; mother of Augustine; patron saint of mothers, see Saint Monica (of Hippo)

*Santa Monica is a Californian coastal city.

*Monica Dickens was a Br...

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