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"Moonspell" is a gothic metal band from Portugal, initially formed in 1989 as "Morbid God" by Fernando Ribeiro (vocals), Ares (bass guitar) and two of the bands former members as a black metal band. The band has often been described as doom-death and gothic-doom with several groups of critics and fans arguing between which of the two doom metal forms they truly belong to. Ribeiro, the band's vocalist however has stressed that "devilish music" would be a more appropriate term, as he often cites Luciferian Saga as an important influence to the band.

The band explored their sound and recorded demos and EPs until 1992 when they decided to change their name to ''Moonspell''. They continued to develop their identity, releasing the demo ''Anno Satanae'' in 1993 culminating in their breakthrough moment, career-wise, when they supported Cradle of Filth around 1994 in a concert in Lisbon, Portugal, shortly thereafter releasing their most "metal sounding" release ''Under the Moonspell''.

They signed with Century Media Records and released ''Wolfheart'', their breakthrough album, in 1995.

With the release of ''Irreligious'' in 1996 came much wider attention; the track "Opium"...

years active 1992 – present
origin Portugal
music genre Doom metal#Death.2Fdoom
current members Fernando Ribeiro (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia