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Morning Glory

"Morning Glory" is one of the many bands to spawn from Choking Victim, led by Ezra Crack. They also play ska/punk somewhat like Choking Victim, and members are drawn from the wide pool of punk rock musicians in New York City.

In the early days (circa 2001, near the breakup of INDK) Ezra began working on a solo project, but with input and help from many other musicians. With a guitar, an 8-track, and a drum machine, he wrote and produced "This is No Time ta Sleep".

It was a hit with the growing "Crack Rock Steady" fan base of the local NY punk scene, and the "single" of the album, "Gang Control" was re-issued along with 3 new tracks on the self-produced Maxi-single CD "Tha Suicide Singles" in 2002. At least one of the tracks was live, indicating that Ezra had by that time (at least loosely) pulled an actual band together to perform as "Morning Glory".

The next release, including a full line-up of musicians, featured 5 all new songs in 2003 and was called "The Whole World is Watching". Morning Glory played a few shows around New York, but with Leftöver Crack's impending Fuck World Trade tour, Morning Glory took a back seat.

Not much was heard from the b...

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