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"Mortician" is a grindcore and deathgrind band from Yonkers, New York. They were founded in 1989 as Casket, but after writing their first song, aptly called "Mortician," they decided to change the band name. They take their lyrical inspiration from horror movies, and most songs on their album start or end with an audio sample from that genre. Out of respect for their former drummer, and unable to find a worthy replacement, they opted to use a drum machine when recording their albums, but have a real drummer during live performances.

In January 1991 Roger J. Beaujard joined Mortician as a permanent guitarist. After getting great responses at several shows all around the North East US, Relapse Records contacted us to record a 7" EP. This later went on to become the Mortal Massacre 7" and CD EP. Mortician continued to play various shows and festivals and were getting prepared to record thier first full-length CD. At this point in the band's history they had to let Matt Sicher go as drummer due to his excessive harsh drug use and lack of commitment.

In early '92, because of the lack of a drummer, Will and Roger began to experiment with drum machines. They recorded 15 rehears...

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