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"Mortification" is a Christian metal band from Australia, founded in 1990 from the 1980s metal band Lightforce by Steve Rowe, Cameron Hall and Jayson Sherlock. One of the first bands of its genre, Mortification serves as inspiration for many of today's Christian metal bands.

In the late-eighties, bassist Steve Rowe played in the Australian classic metal band Lightforce, a group which saw moderate success in its homeland. Around 1990, the band broke up. Steve, still determined to play heavy music with a Christian message, soon joined with drummer Jayson Sherlock and guitarist Cameron Hall under the Lightforce name to release the 1990 demo, "Break the Curse." With this release, the band changed musically towards thrash metal with a death metal influence. Feeling that their new musical direction merited a new name, the band retitled itself Mortification.

In 1991, they released their self-titled debut album on the American Christian label Intense Records. Michael Carlisle replaced guitarist Cameron Hall, and the direction of the music changed once again. A lot of the songs were taken from their demo "Break the Curse", but the band tuned their guitars down, and the feel to...

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