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Mother Goose

"Mother Goose" was a 1970s New Zealand band formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1975. After limited success at home they travelled to Australia where they were signed to Mushroom Records.

"and finding themselves rejected by their home country, Mother Goose emigrated to Australia in 1976. Their first single "Baked Beans" was a novelty hit which caused the band many problems in relating to a wider rock audience.";jsessionid=GZlHTs7JDn2kQHT9MYxLzLTyxp0N9T9ZFbvQWL1Sl1GQ2TqKwZQb!579385?id=101804

"The band spent 1978-79 in the USA, but record company troubles prevented them making any inroads into that market. On return to Australia the band based itself in Perth. When the third album enjoyed some success in Canada the band moved there, working under the name Landing Party, before returning to Australia to break up in 1984.";jsessionid=GZlHTs7JDn2kQHT9MYxLzLTyxp0N9T9ZFbvQWL1Sl1GQ2TqKwZQb!579385?id=101804

*Craig Johnston (Vocals)

*Marcel Rodeka (Drums)

*Pete Dickson (Lead Guitar)

*Kevin Collings (Rhythm Guitar)

*Steve Young (Keyboards)

*Denis Gi...

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