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Motion City Soundtrack

"Motion City Soundtrack" is a pop-punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have released two albums, both on Epitaph Records.

Motion City Soundtrack formed in Minnesota in 1997 They released a number of EPs and gained a sizable following before recording their first full-length album, ''I Am the Movie''.


''I Am the Movie'' was self-released twice in 2002 and was quickly picked up by Epitaph Records for a nationwide release.

Backed by the success of their first album, Motion City Soundtrack toured for quite some time and in 2003 released the third track on ''I Am the Movie'', "The Future Freaks Me Out", as their first single. The single's insanely catchy chorus and its memorable video made it a modest hit and brought the previously unknown band their first step toward fame. According to the band's official Web site, the song's success was surprising, as the band "wrote the song in mere hours and it almost didn't even make it onto their debut."

A second single was released later that year, "My Favorite Accident", with a similarly quirky but also more dramatic video.

origin Minneapolis, Minnesota years active 1997–present music genre Pop Punk, indie (music) current members Justin Pierre
Matthew Taylor
Jesse Johnson %28musician2%29

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