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Bob Mould

"Bob Mould" (b. 16 October 1960, Malone, New York) is an American musician, principally known for his work as guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for influential 1980s rock band Hüsker Dü.

Formed in the late 1970s after Mould moved to the Twin Cities to attend Macalester College, Hüsker Dü first gained notice as a "speed-core" punk rock band on the independent label SST Records, but over time Mould and bandmates Grant Hart and Greg Norton evolved musically, adding tuneful melodies to their explosive sound; the band became one of the key influences on what later became known as alternative rock.

In the mid-1980s the Hüskers signed a major-label deal with Warner Brothers, but the band released just two records before bitterly splitting up; Mould and Hart still take jabs at each other in the press, though the two performed together at a 2005 benefit concert.

Mould's first solo album came more than a year after Hüsker Dü broke up; 1989's ''Workbook'' eschewed Mould's trademark wall-of-noise guitar for a stripped-down sound featuring acoustic guitars and cellos. 1991's jagged ''Black Sheets of Rain'' put Mould in more familiar territory, recalling Hüsker Dü's lo...

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