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"Moxy" is a Canadian hard rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario in 1974, from previous members of Leigh Ashford including singer Buzz Shearman, drummer Bill Wade, Terry Juric on bass, and Earl Johnson as lead guitarist, and after a year Buddy Caine joined the band on rhythm guitar. Many of the guitar solos on the band's debut album were performed by guest session musician Tommy Bolin, who had previously been the lead guitarist for the James Gang and would go on to replace Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple.


"Moxy" was built out of the remnance of the Canadian rock bands Leigh Ashford and Outlaw Music. Douglas "Buzz" Shearman (former singer of Peabody) toured with, Bill Wade, Terry Juric, and Earl Johnson (all former members of Outlaw Music) as Leigh Ashford before the name and sound change to Moxy was made in 1974. The new band now billed as Moxy toured extensively in Canada before having a hit in late 1975 with "Can’t You See I’m A Star", released as a single in 1974 by Yorkville Records. Moxy then toured the United States on the strength of their radio airplay. Popular markets were Chicago, St. Louis and Texas. FM rock radio was partially responsible for the pop...

years active 1974–1980/2000–present
country Canada
status Active
music genre Hard rock
current members Earl Johnson
Buddy Caine
Alex Machin
Jim Samson
Kim Hunt
past members Buzz Shearman
Terry Juric
Bill Wade
Tom Stephenson
Tommy Bolin
Mike Reno
Brian Maxim
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source: Wikipedia