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"Mundy" (born "Edmund Enright" in Birr, County Offaly in 1976) is an Irish singer-songwriter.

He released his debut album ''Jellylegs'' in 1996 on the Epic Records label. The album included the song "To You I Bestow", which was featured on the bestselling soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

In 2000, Mundy was dropped by Epic while working on his second album, ''The Moon is a Bullethole'', which was about to be recorded. Although a four-track EP of that title was released, much of the material for the cancelled album was eventually incorporated into ''24 Star Hotel'', Mundy's 2002 album.

''24 Star Hotel'' was released on Camcor Records - a label Mundy himself set up, primarily funded by his royalties from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. Camcor Records is named for the Camcor River, a popular fishing spot, which runs through the town of Birr. The album contained the song "July", an ode to the joys of the Irish summer, which gained heavy airplay throughout the summer months, and is, for Irish audiences at least, Mundy's signature tune.

In May 2004, Mundy released his third album, ''Raining Down Arrows'', which entered the Irish album ...

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