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My Vitriol

"My Vitriol" are an alternative rock band from London, England, formed in 1999 and signed to Infectious Records.

My Vitriol are Ravi Kesavaram (drums), Som Wardner (vocals, guitar and lyrics), Seth Taylor (guitar) and Carolyn Bannister (bass and backing vocals). Ravi and Som met at university, where a friend of theirs decided to help them record a demo as a project for his studio engineering course. Ravi played the drums, Som played the rest of the instruments and they put together an EP called "Delusions of Grandeur" in the space of just two days, using every free studio session they could.

The name they chose for their band was My Vitriol, not because of ''vitriol"s literal meaning of bitterness but as a reference to a book called "Brighton Rock" by Graham Greene. In the story, the main character has a bottle of vitriol - an idiomatic name for sulfuric acid - which acts as his security when confronted by rivals.

About 250 CDR copies of "Delusions Of Grandeur" were pressed but only about 30 actually worked, due to technical reasons. However, one was handed to Radio One DJ Steve Lamacq at a gig. Within days, Lamacq had broadcast a track on the Session Unsigned ...

years active 1999–present (on hiatus since 2002)
origin London, England
music genre Alternative Rock
current members Som Wardner
Ravi Kesavaram
Seth Taylor
Carolyn Bannister
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia