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"Myslovitz" is a Polish rock band, whose music incorporates elements of College rock, Shoegazing, and - arguably - Britpop, with a dose of melancholy. From 2003, EMI Records has been attempting to establish them internationally, with considerable support from MTV Europe. As of 2005, Myslovitz are rated as the most popular Polish act abroad. The band take their name from their industrial hometown of Mysłowice in Upper Silesia (Southern Poland).

*Artur Rojek - vocals, guitar

*Wojciech (Wojtek) Powaga - guitar

*Przemysław (Przemek) Myszor - guitar, keyboards

*Jacek Kuderski - bass guitar

*Wojciech (Wojtek, "Lala") Kuderski - drums, percussion.

Guitarist and vocalist Artur Rojek (born 1972) started the band in 1992 as "The Freshmen", taking the initial name from the movie ''The Freshman'' starring Marlon Brando - which indicates a fascination with cinema that would become a characteristic feature throughout the band's career. The early ph...

years active 1992–present
origin Mysłowice, Poland
status Active
music genre Alternative Rock
current members Artur Rojek
Wojciech Powaga
Jacek Kuderski
Wojciech Kuderski
Przemek Myszor
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia