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"The Nadas" are a rock/folk quartet based out of Ames, Iowa. Formed in 1995, the band earned early success on the local college scene, eventually becoming the "house" band for People's Bar and Grill. Their initial success resulted in the first of seven albums, titled, "Not A Sound,"—a phonetic allusion to the band's unique name. Following the success of "Not A Sound," the band members embarked on the first of what would become regular tours, traveling throughout the country and performing at a variety of venues.

Subsequent albums include "New Start," "En Vivo," (a live compilation), "Coming Home," "Show to Go" (a live concert compilation), "Transceiver," and "Listen Through the Static."

The Nadas' music is featured on the local arts-and-crafts show ''Courage to Create,'' airing on KDSM-TV sunday mornings. "Carve Your Name" from the ''Coming Home'' CD is the show's theme song. The title song from ''Listen Through the Static,'' written about small community radio station KDNK-FM in Carbondale, CO, was featured on the December 2005 MacAddict CD-ROM.

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