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Natasha Bedingfield

"Natasha Bedingfield" (born November 26, 1981) is an English pop singer. She is the sister of pop singer Daniel Bedingfield. Her debut single, "Single", was released in 2004, followed by the worldwide hit "These Words", which charted at #1 in the UK.

Bedingfield was born in Sussex,,2089-2104182,00.html but raised in Lewisham to New Zealand parents.

As a teenager, Natasha, Daniel and younger sister Nikola formed the Christian worship band, The DNA Algorithm. In it they experimented with a variety of music, from R&B to garage rock, and would occasionally perform small gigs.

After school Bedingfield decided to attend university instead of art college, as the college noted that she seemed to be more interested in the emotional content of her artwork, leading her to study psychology. Bedingfield commented on her choice stating: "But even then, I was interested in psychology because I knew that'd make me a better songwriter. It'd give me a deeper insight into people. I was sick of empty music - people whip up a melody then any kind of words to fit. I'm not interested in lines that go 'blah blah blah.' I want something that provokes...

Background solo singer
Born November 26, 1981
Genre Pop music
Occupation Singer
Years active 2004 in music
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