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"Nattefrost" is a Norwegian black metal project band that has existed since 2003 of R. Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest, World Destroyer and Bloodline )

While Carpathian Forest is a well known old school/atmospheric black metal band, Nattefrost goes even further incorporating more punk influence, stilistically similar to early Mayhem releases such as Deathcrush. The first release, Blood & Vomit was almost completely performed by Nattefrost, with additional help from a number of musicians from other bands Nattefrost has associated with. Vrangsinn, the bassist and vocalist of Carpathian Forest, who performed backup vocals on tracks 1, 2 & 8 and bass guitar on track 3. Nordavind performed vocals on track 5 and the backing vocals on track 3. Evind Kulde, who is also part World Destroyer along with Vrangsinn, performed backing vocals on track 2.

This first release begins with the deceptively calm 'Ancient Devil Worshipping', which features dialogue spoken in Norwegian that is reminiscent of choral prayer, but suddenly bursts into raw, blastbeat, blackmetal at 1:18 minutes into the track. Tracks such as 'Nattefrost Takes A Piss', are literally what they are titled. The lyrica...

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