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The "Nekromantix" are a psychobilly band that were formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1989.

After spending eight years as a submarine operator in the Royal Danish Navy, lead vocalist/stand-up bassist Kim Nekroman first attempted to drum in a rockabilly band, before becoming interested in psychobilly. He built his signature coffin-shaped stand-up bass (aptly referred to as the coffinbass), and started the Nekromantix. The band lineup is currently rounded out by Troy Destroy (guitar) and Wasted James (drums), but from 1989 to 2005 featured several different guitarists and drummers, the previous incarnation being brothers Peter (guitar/vocals) and Kristian (drums) Sandorff.

The band played two local shows in Copenhagen before appearing in a large psychobilly festival in Hamburg, Germany only six months after the band's formation. This lead to a record deal for their first album, ''Hellbound.'' The Nekromantix began touring Europe heavily. At the time, the psychobilly scene was largely dominated by English bands. The band recorded a second album in 1991, ''Curse of the Coffin'' which resulted in some MTV play. 1994's ''Brought Back to Life'' became the only psychobilly album s...

origin Copenhagen
country Denmark
years active 1989 in music
music genre Psychobilly
current members Kim Nekroman
Troy Destroy
Andrew Martinez
past members Ian Dawn, Soeren Monk, Peter Sandorff
Wasted James
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia