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"Neurosis" is an experimental metal/indie/industrial/hardcore music band with influences ranging from hardcore punk and sludge metal to dark ambient, industrial, and tribal music. The group is based out of Oakland, California, USA.

In late 1985, the band began as a crossover thrash outfit and has gradually progressed through a variety of styles, arriving at a unique and profound mixture of heavy metal and acoustic, minimalistic ambience which has proved influential on the doom metal scene. Although Neurosis has been lumped into the crossover thrash genre, probably because of their previous gutter punk style, the band has steadily evolved into a musical whirlwind of what one may refer to as an Apocalyptic folk sound. Neurosis' sound is on occasion reminiscent of the more experimental work of Swans and Pink Floyd. Their constant evolution has no doubt alienated a good many of their original fanbase, though on the same token the band has garnered acclaim from critics as well as new listeners. Additionally, the band founded their own label: Neurot Recordings.

*''Scott Kelly'' - guitars, vocals

*''Steve von Till'' - guitars, vocals

*''Dave Edwardson'' - bass guitar, sy...

years active 1985 - present
origin Oakland, California
country United States
current members Scott Kelly (musician)
past members Simon McIlroy (1990-1993) - Keyboards
Chad Salter (1985-1989) - Guitar
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia