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New Amsterdams

"The New Amsterdams" is a Kansas City-based American indie rock band featuring Matthew Pryor, formerly of The Get Up Kids.

They debuted in 2000 with their debut full-length, ''Never You Mind'', on Vagrant Records. This album seemed to have more of a rock and roll edge than their later albums. Their second album, ''Para Toda Vida'', released in 2001 on Vagrant, showcased more country music influences than that of other albums.

The New Amsterdams released ''Worse for the Wear'' in 2004. On the album the band seems to display a balance between the rock and country influences from their first two albums as well as an exploration of creative production techniques, in contrast to the "raw" nature of the previous two releases.

In 2005, the album ''Killed or Cured'' was scrapped for release and converted into an online-only, downloadable EP (featuring only some of the original album's songs). The entire album has since been made available.

The band released their latest album ''Story Like a Scar'', in March 2006.

*''Never You Mind'' (2000)

*''Para Toda Vida'' (2002)

*''Worse for the Wear'' (2003)

*''Killed or Cured'' (2005)

*''Story Like a Scar'' (2...

origin Kansas City, Kansas
years active 2000–present
music genre indie rock
current members Matthew Pryor
Dustin Kinsey
Eric McCann
Bill Belzer
Jason Rich
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia