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New Meanies

New Meanies

The "New Meanies", originally called the Blue Meanies, are a 4 piece rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba who formed around 1990. High school friends Damon Mitchell (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Jeff Hondubura (guitar, vocals), Sky Onosson (bass, vocals, keyboards) and Jason Kane (drums, percussion) started playing blues-influenced rock.

After releasing two independent albums, "Experience is Lost" and "The Blue Meanies", they toured extensively throughout Western Canada in the early 1990s. In 1996 the band signed with Virgin Records. The band changed its name to the New Meanies due to the existence of another Blue Meanies based in Chicago, and recorded a new album "Three Seeds" in the Los Angeles area with producer Howard Benson. The album was released in 1998, and the single "Letting Time Pass" achieved major airplay on radio and television.

In 2000, the band went indie again and released a new album, "Highways", in 2001. The New Meanies are currently performing sporadically while working towards a new rele

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