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New Trolls

"New Trolls" are an Italian progressive rock band known for their fusion of rock and classical music. Their history is full of line-up changes, band name changes and struggles between band members.

The band was born around mid-1960s when five musicians: Vittorio de Scalzi (guitar, vocals), Nico di Palo (guitar, vocals), Mauro Chiarugi (keyboards), Giorgio D'Adamo (bass, vocals) and Gianni Belleno (drums, vocals) decided to form a band called New Trolls, after the name of the old band of one of them, "The Trolls".

After some dates as support band for the Rolling Stones, they released their debut single "Sensazioni" (1967), the first of a very long series of singles. The band was one of the best live acts in Italy at the time, and Hendrix-inspired guitarist Nico Di Palo was one of the first Italian guitar heroes.

Their first full-length album, ''Senza orario senza bandiera'', came in 1968 with lyrics written for them by singer-songwriter Fabrizio de André. This release was very successful at the time. A second album simply titled ''New Trolls'' followed two years later (1970) as a compilation of their singles. By the end of the same year the band would face their fir...

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