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Andre Nickatina

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"Andre Nickatina" (formerly known as "Dre Dog") is a rapper based in the Fillmore District of San Francisco, California. After the simultaneous debut of his first two albums of 1998, Nickatina went on to form his own label, Fillmoe Coleman Records. Since then he has produced nine albums and a short film. In the bay, he is known for having one of the most original voices and styles out there, using clever and entertaining rhymes and mixing them with talks of the street life in the "Fillmoe District" of San Francisco. In the past 4 years he has released 8 albums, and in 2005, Nickatina received the Bay Area Rap Scene Award for Underground Artist of the Year.

* ''The New Jim Jones'', 1993

* ''I Hate You With a Passion'', 1995

* ''Raven in My Eyes'', 1998

* ''Cocaine Raps'', 1998

* ''Tears of a Clown'', 1999

* ''Daiquiri Factory Cocaine Raps, Volume 2'', 2000

* ''These R the Tales'', 2000

* ''Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes And Alibis'', 2002

* ''Hells Kitchen'', 2002

* ''Conversation With A Devil'', 2003

* ''Bullets, Blunts, N Ah Big Bankroll (The 7 MC Theory...

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