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Nifelheim is a Swedish black/speed metal band, formed in 1990. They have released 3 studio albums and one Live/demo collection lp. Band consists of twin brothers Erik and Per Gustavsson, who use stage names Tyrant and Hellbutcher. After a documentary about heavy metal fans which aired in Sweden in 1998, Tyrant and Hellbutcher were given a nickname "Bröderna Hårdrock" which translates to "The Hard Rock Brothers" in English.

= *1994 - Nifelheim *1997 - Devil's Force *2000 - Servants of Darkness *2003 - 13 Years *2006 - Split (with Vulcano)

= *2000 - Unholy Death


*Official site

Also,Nifelheim is one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology,see more at

heavy metal musical groups metal musical groups years active 1990-present origin Sweden music genre black metal current members Erik Gustavsson
Per "Pelle" Gustavsson

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