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Nina Gordon

"Nina Gordon" (full name Nina Rachel Shapiro Gordon) was born November 14, 1967 and is an American rock singer. Co-founder of the band Veruca Salt, Nina pioneered and revived Bangles inspired pop-rock for the mid-90's grunge generation. She quickly became known for her instantly infectious power-pop hooks and melodies, writing Veruca Salt's biggest hits, ''Seether'' and ''Volcano Girls''. Since leaving Veruca Salt in 1998, she has released the successful solo album Tonight and the Rest of My Life, wrote songs for Fefe Dobson and Courtney Jaye and has now released her second solo album Bleeding Heart Graffiti on August 8th, 2006.

Nina is currently expecting her first child, a girl, with musician Jeff Russo (of Tonic), due in November 2006.

Veruca Salt was formed alongside the friendship of Nina and Louise Post. Introduced by Nina's good friend, actress Lili Taylor, Nina and Louise quickly bonded and formed what is now known as Veruca Salt. Originally, the band was an Indigo Girls-inspired acoustic act, but Nina and Louise quickly realized this wasn't their sound. They quickly enlisted bass player Steve Lack and eventually Nina's brother Jim Shapiro joined as a drumm...

years active 1993–present
country USA
music genre Rock music
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source: Wikipedia