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Nina is a given name. It may also refer to:

  • Niña, Christopher Columbus's ship
  • NiNa?, a music group
  • Nina (Paisiello), an opera
  • Nína, a song
  • La Niña, a phase of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation phenomenon (ENSO)
  • No Income No Asset, a mortgage concept, often abbreviated NINA
  • Nina’s Tragedies 2003 Israeli film


  • Nina Ananiashvili, Georgian ballerina.
  • Nina Anisimova, Russian triathlete.
  • Nina Antonia, music journalist and author.
  • Nina Arsenault, Canadian transsexual columnist, freelance writer and sex-trade worker.
  • Nina Ã…ström, Finnish gospel singer.
  • Nina Badrić, Croatian pop singer.
  • Nina Baldycheva, Soviet cross country skier.
  • Nina Bang, Danish politician and historian.
  • Nina Bawden, popular British novelist and children's writer.
  • Nina Berberova, Russian writer who chronicled the liv...
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