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Nino Bravo

"Luis Manuel Ferri Llopis" (August 3, 1944—April 16, 1973), popularly known by the artistic name of "Nino Bravo", was an international singing star from Spain.

Bravo was born near Valencia. The son of a salesman, he moved to Valencia at the age of three, along his father, who went to Valencia to look for better economic opportunities, and the rest of his family.

Nino Bravo was a shy child. He had a tendency to befriend older people, and, in 1958, he met bassist Vicente Lopez. Lopez later on helped Bravo become friends with other Valencia musicians, such as Paco Ramon, who later on also went on to become a Spaniard musical legend.

Bravo had no idea, before meeting Lopez, that his singing voice would be liked by anyone. He and Lopez discovered his singing voice during a short trip that Bravo, Lopez and Ramon, among others, went on. The trip was supposed to be just a hang-out trip between friends; Lopez was surprised as he awoke from a nap to Bravo's voice as Bravo sang Domenico Modugno's hit "Libero". So impressed was Lopez by Bravo's voice, that he predicted Bravo would become a superstar right after awakening.

Nino Bravo soon began working as a jeweler and su...

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