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Noise Addict

"Noise Addict" was an Australian pop/punk band, formed in Bondi Beach in 1992, originally consisting of Ben Lee, Doron Kalinko, Daniel Kohn, Joel Wasserman, Daniel Mapp and Saul Smith.

The band recorded its first demo when Lee was only thirteen years old, and the group played its first concert afterwards. They were discovered by Fellaheen Records executive Steve Pavlovic, who sent their tape to Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. Moore signed them to his Ecstatic Peace record label, and the DEF EP was released in early 1993. It was fairly successful, and the band was thereafter signed to Fellaheen.

Shortly afterwards, Noise Addict released another EP, ''The Taste in My Eyes''; its single "I Wish I Was Him", a mocking satire of Evan Dando, became quite popular, attracting the attention of Mike D from the Beastie Boys, who would maneuver to sign the band to Grand Royal Records. Noise Addict released another EP with Fellaheen, ''Noise Addict vs. Silverchair'', before being officially signed and releasing ''Young and Jaded'' in 1994.

After the success of ''Young and Jaded'', Ben Lee released his solo debut ''Grandpaw Would'', and Kalinko exited the band to be replaced by "...

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