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Noise Next Door

Noise Next Door

"The Noise Next Door" is a three piece band, made up of triplet brothers from Leigh Park, England. Craig, Scott and Ed Sutton were born on the 30th May 1986, to Annette and Barry Sutton. They were the final three of an already large family consisting of four girls. Their father, Barry, is a musician, and the three boys started a band at age 13 called "Trips".

In 2004 John McLaughin, who has written for Busted, Blue and Sugababes, discovered them working in their local ASDA. On October 25th 2004 they released their first single "Lock Up Your Daughters" (the b-side of which was Ministry of Mayhem, the theme tune to the CITV television show of the same name) which reached number 12 on the charts. Their next single "Calendar Girls" reached 11.

The Noise Next Door were famous for their bright red hair, with Craig being the most noticeable with his huge red quiff. However, around May 2005, the band's image changed to a more mature one and the three boys cut off their red hair. They then released two more singles, "She Might" and "Miss U" (originally "Dirty Girls").

The Noise Next Door have recorded an album "Play It Loud".

They have now been dropped from their reco...

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