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"Nomadi" (or "I Nomadi", meaning "Nomads") is an Italian band formed in 1963 and still present on the music scene.


In 1961 Beppe Carletti and Leonardo Manfredini formed the group "I Monelli" (‘Urchins’).

In 1962 Carletti met Franco Midilli, guitarist of the group Novellara, who joined them in Monelli. In 1963 Franco Midilli introduced Augusto Daolio to Beppe Carletti and he too joined the group. In that year the band’s name was changed to ''Nomadi'' .


I Nomadi sprung from one of the most fervent periods of the Italian music scene: the sixties. In those years tens if not hundreds of groups appeared and disappeared, characterised by the atmosphere of the years after the Italian boom which revealed an Italy economically enriched but already socially impoverished, in which the youth were beginning to feel repressed by a society still permeated with antiquated conventions.

The original 1963 formation of six was founded in Reggio Emilia: Augusto Daolio (vocals), Beppe Carletti (keyboards), Franco Midili (guitar), Leonardo Manfredini (drums), Gualtiero Gelmini (sax), Antonio Campari (bass).

In the same year Nomadi were signed by Frankfurt Bar in Ricc...

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