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"Norther" are a Heavy Metal band from Helsinki, Finland whose style incorporates elements of Melodic Death Metal, Black Metal and Power Metal. Norther's sound has been said to be similar to that of Children of Bodom, and the band has cited Children of Bodom as being an influence to them. However, they deviate from Children of Bodom in that their songs tend to be far more melodic and less technical, as well as less agressive (with notable exceptions)

The band began in early 1995 under the name of ''Requiem'', and was assembled by guitarist Petri Lindroos and drummer Toni Hallio, accompanied by two other musicians. In the beginning, the band suffered from the lack of a proper rehearsal place, but in late 1997, guitarist Alexander Kuoppala (ex-Children of Bodom) found a suitable place for them to practice at Lepakko; around this time the band decided to change their name from ''Requiem'' to ''Decayed''. Their luck was short-lived, however, as their new rehearsal place was soon to be demolished. The musicians who played with Lindroos and Hallio soon lost their motivation and quit Requiem.

After a few months, the band managed to find another rehearsal place, and be...

years active 1995 - present
status Active
state Espoo
country Finland
music genre Heavy Metal
current members Petri Lindroos
Kristian Ranta
Heikki Saari
Jukka Koskinen
Tuomas Planman
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia