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"Northstar" was an American alternative punk rock band formed in 1997 in Huntsville, Alabama.

Since the beginning they have had around 5 guitarists and 3 different bassists, have been a 3 piece, 5 piece, and a 4 piece, and have had two different singers. Being from Alabama, where there is not a rock scene, they decided to start touring around the country in 2000. They booked their first tour, bought a van, and set out on the road. Since then, they have been on 5 tours.

After two years of polishing their D.I.Y. skills of booking, promoting, and producing everything that is Northstar. They ended up signing a deal in June of 2002 with Triple Crown Records in New York.

Northstar broke up in April 2005. Nicolas Torres and Tyler Odom created Cassino. The demos for Cassino were recorded with Matt Squire and used drummer Will Noon, of Straylight Run fame.

They currently have recorded four songs:

Platano, The Gin War, American Low and an acoustic version of New Jerusalem.


**''Is This Thing Loaded?'' (2002, Triple Crown Records)

**'' Pollyanna'' (2004, Triple Crown Records)


**''The Uncomfortable Camera'' (2005, Triple Crown Records)


years active 1997 – 2005
country Huntsville, AL
music genre Indie rock
current members Nicolas Torres (vocals and guitar)
Tyler Odom (guitar)
Jake Fisher (bass and backing vocals)
Gabe Renfroe (drums)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia