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Nuclear Rabbit

"Nuclear Rabbit" is a California band, started in Novato. Considered metal music, though many say it is hard to classify. Known for its strange sound and lyrics, an 11-string bass, and the general feel of the music, Nuclear Rabbit has a large fan base.

Nuclear Rabbit was started in 1989 by bassist Jean Baudin. Jean was influenced by a variety of music styles and envisioned having a band that played unorthodox music with no regard for conventional music limitations. Jean has also cited Fishbone and Bad Brains as early influences. Originally he was the only one in the band, but he soon was joined by guitarist Pat Garner and then drummer Steve Sigaty. Originally Jean did the vocals, but eventually they asked Greg Parrish to step in as vocalist. Greg has always been very diverse in his vocal delivery, as is the band's music as a whole. Greg approached the songs by adding a particular character(s) to the songs rather than simply singing a vocal part, and has always performed a wide variety of vocal styles. Jean uses a variety of bass techniques, including a lot of tapping, in addition to slapping, popping, thumping, etc. Nuclear Rabbit incorporates a variety of genres in the...

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