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"OPM" are a band best known for their single ''Heaven Is A Halfpipe''. OPM have a distinctive sound, combining hip-hop and pop with laid-back reggae.

Their debut single, ''Heaven Is A Halfpipe'', and album ''Menace To Sobriety'' (a pun with the term "menace to society") were released on Atlantic Records in September 2000. At this point of time, there were only three permanent members forming the band: Matthew Meschery aka Shakey Lo the Kreation Kid (vocals, keyboards, programming), John Edney aka johne. Necro (vocals) sowie Geoff Turney aka Casper (guitar). For the tour OPM was supported by additional musicians.

After the "Menace To Sobriety"-tour, Matthew chose to quit the band. Until this point, Matthew was a very influential and important member of the band, he contributed to all songs of the album as songwriter as well as a singer. Unfortunately, there are no official statements concerning the breakup. Nevertheless, it appears strange that Matthew is not credited in today's biography of the band. Today, Matthew works for KQED, a San Francisco based radio station.

Despite the album's success, the band left Atlantic, signing with Suburban Noize Records in 2004, af...

years active 2000 in music
origin Los Angeles, United States
status Active
music genre Rock music
current members Johne (Vocals)
Geoff (Guitars)
Big B (Vocals)
Jonathan (Keys)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia