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Ocean was a gospel rock band formed in 1970 in London, Ontario, Canada. They are best known for their million-selling 1971 single "Put Your Hand in the Hand", penned by Gene MacLellan?. The group disbanded in 1975.

*Greg Brown (vocals, keyboard) *Jeff Jones (bass guitar, vocals) *Janice Brown (guitar) *Dave Tamblyn (guitar) *Chuck Slater (drums)

= *Put Your Hand in the Hand Canadian release on Yorkville Records YV005, 1971 American release on Kama Sutra Records 2033, 1971 CD rerelease on Unidisc Music Inc. UBK-4051, 2000 *Give Tomorrow's Children One More Chance Kama Sutra Records 2064, 1972 **CD rerelease on Unidisc Music Inc. UBK-4052, 2000

= *"Put Your Hand in the Hand" (1971) *"One More Chance" (1972) *"I've Got A Dream"

*"Put Your Hand in the Hand" single: Billboard Adult Contemporary Singles, #4 (1971) *Put Your Hand in the Hand LP: Billboard Pop Albums, #60 (1971)


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