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"Oceansize" are a five-piece progressive rock group based in Manchester, England. Formed in 1998, Oceansize have gone on to release two full length albums; Effloresce (2003) and Everyone Into Position (2005), and the EP Music For Nurses (2004), in addition to a number of singles.

Having toured with The Cooper Temple Clause, Cave In, People In Planes, Aereogramme, Mclusky, Biffy Clyro, Porcupine Tree and Serafin, Oceansize stand out from the mainstream rock scene of Manchester, and a recent increase in popularity has seen them distributed internationally, with some claiming them to be one of the most prevalent modern progressive rock bands of late. Influences range from The Beach Boys and Black Sabbath to Can, Cardiacs, Jane's Addiction, Verve, Swervedriver, Tool and Tortoise. Some have compared their sound to Pink Floyd, another strong influence, as well as Mogwai and My Bloody Valentine.

On December 4th 2005, the band issued a press release, stating that bassist Jon Ellis was leaving the band, but would still contribute musically. On 28th January 2006, the band's frontman Mike Vennart issued a short post on an Oceansize messageboard detailing Ellis' "replacement", known...

years active 1998–present
music genre Progressive rock
status Alive and well
origin Manchester
country England
current members Mike Vennart
Steve Durose
Steve (aka 'Syndrome')
Mark Heron
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia