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One Minute Silence

"One Minute Silence" were a four-piece band that combined influences from metal, hardcore punk and rap. The band consisted of vocalist Brian 'Yap' Barry, guitarist Massimo Fiocco, drummer Eddie Stratton and bassist Glen Diani. The band announced its split after eight years in a press release dated October 21, 2003.

Although they claimed not to be a "political band" — they are simply "political people" who are also musicians, they say — the group's lyrics have a political message which can be interpreted as generally anti-capitalist and anarchist.

The band came together in the early 1990s as Irish vocalist Brian Barry got together with guitarist Chris Ignatiou under the name "Near Death Experience". After working with various rhythm sections, they settled with Gibraltan Glen Diani on bass and Englishman Eddie Stratton on drums. Brian had befriended Eddie prior to the formation of the band.

The band was soon forced to change its name because of an American group who shared it, and so they became One Minute Silence. That name, originally intended to be that of a song, was chosen to parody the practice of having a one minute silence as a mark of respect...

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