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One Voice

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!align="center" bgcolor="orange" colspan="3"|''One Voice''


|align="center" colspan="3"|200px|Album cover


!align="center" bgcolor="orange" colspan="3"|Album by Barry Manilow


!align="left" valign="top"|Released

|colspan="2" valign="top"|1979, 1996


!align="left" valign="top"|Genre

|colspan="2" valign="top"|Easy Listening/Pop


!align="left" valign="top"|Length

|colspan="2" valign="top"|40:59, 43:58


!align="left" valign="top"|Label

|colspan="2" valign="top"|Arista


!align="left" valign="top"|U.S. Certification

|colspan="2" valign="top"| 2 x Platinum


!bgcolor="orange" colspan="3"|Barry Manilow Chronology


|valign="top"|''Greatest Hits''(1978)

|valign="top"|''One Voice''(1979)



"One Voice" was the eighth studio album by singer and songwriter Barry Manilow. The album was recorded at United Western Studios and Allen Zentz Recording in Hollywood. The album was a signature of a general decline in Manilow's success. It reached double platinum, not t...

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