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One Dollar Short

"One Dollar Short" are an Australian punk rock band. Hailing from Central Coast New South Wales, their debut top 40 single "Board Game" charted at #37 on the Australian ARIAnet singles chart in 2001. Their most successful non-LP release was the EP, ''Press And Hold'', (containing fan favourite "Satellite"), which charted at #22 in the same year. Their debut album also charted at #7 on the albums chart in 2002. In July 2004, their follow-up album, ''Receiving Transmission'', was released along with single, "Some Assembly Required" - neither of which were successful. In early 2005, the band went on hiatus indefinitely.

* ''From The Start'', 1999 EP

* ''Press And Hold'', 2001 EP

* ''Eight Days Away'', 2002 album

** ''Board Game'', 2001 single

** ''Is This The Part?'', 2002 single

** ''10 Years'', 2002 single

* ''Keepsake'', 2003 single

* ''Receiving Transmission'', 2004 album

** ''Some Assembly Required'', 2004 single

* Official band website

* One Dollar Short Lyrics

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