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Opiate For Masses

Opiate For The Masses

"Opiate for the Masses" is a post-hardcore band from Arizona. They formed in Phoenix in 1999 by Ron Underwood,Elias Mallin, Dustin Lyon and Jim Kaufman. The meaning of their name is comes from the supposed Karl Marx quote that says the organized religion is nothing but an opiate for the masses.

In the wake of The Spore album release the band has played with such big names as Marilyn Manson, The Bled, Avenged Sevenfold and Drowning Pool, and played on both the Warped Tour and the Taste of Chaos tour. Opiate For The Masses is also featured in the Van's Warped Tour documentary, Wake Up Screaming.

The band, taking influence from Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Ministry is gaining popularity and is currently on tour with Static X.

In 1999 Opiate For The Masses formed, by guitarist and songwriter Kaufman. Kaufman, formarly in the band Projex, left shortly after he and Underwood got together with intentions of starting a band.

The duo began writing songs together adding members and Underwood even took vocal lessons. The band moved members around finally settling on there current lineup.

After long touring scheduals and releasing The Spore on Kev...

years active 1999 – Present (time)
status Active
country Phoenix, Arizona
music genre Post-hardcore, Metalcore , Industrial Metal
current members Ron Underwood (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia