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"Orbit" is a now-defunct Boston, Massachusetts-based power trio. Formed in 1994, the band went on hiatus in late 2001. Their initial releases were on drummer Buckley's own Lunch Records label before the band moved to major label A&M Records. They completed recording their second major label album, "Guide To Better Living", but it was never released by A&M. The band then moved back to Lunch Records for the rest of their releases.

Perhaps the high point of the band's career was the hit, "Medicine", and their presence on the 1997 Lollapalooza tour. They also had the song, "XLR8R", included on the soundtrack of the Playstation 2 game, FreQuency.

* Jeff Robbins, lead singer and guitarist.

* Paul Buckley, drummer

* Fred Archambault, guitarist

* Mark Brookner, bassist (1994-1995)

* Wally Gagel, bassist (1995-????)

* Linda Bean, bassist (???? - 2001)

Original band members Jeff Robbins and Paul Buckley were the only constant band members during Orbit's active years. Fred Archambault and Linda Bean joined before the release of Tonedeaf. Since the band went on hiatus, Robbins and Bean formed the band WELL.

*1995 - La Mano (album), Lunch Records


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