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"Orbital" were an English techno duo formed in 1989, consisting of brothers Paul (born 19 May, 1968) and Phil Hartnoll (born 9 January, 1964). The name was taken from the raves that occurred in the late 1980s near the M25 orbital motorway that circles London. They were initially influenced by early electro and punk rock. |thumb|right|128px|Phil and Paul

In 1989, Orbital recorded a track called "Chime" on their father's four-track tape recorder. It was released on Oh Zone Records in December 1989, and re-released on FFRR Records a few months later. The track became a rave anthem, a UK Top 20 hit, and a benchmark for the rest of their career. A few singles and EPs followed, and their first self-titled album was released in late 1991. This was a collection of tracks recorded at various times, and included two live performances. Different formats (LP, CD, tape) each featured a different bonus track, and the American version of the album dropped some tracks from the UK release, to include some single tracks ("Satan", "Chime", "Choice" and "Midnight").

In late 1992 the ''Radiccio'' EP barely reached the UK top forty, but it included probably their most well-kno...

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