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Osborne Brothers

The Osborne Brothers are a bluegrass band known for their musical innovation and close harmony singing. Robert "Bobby" Osborne was born December 7, 1931, followed by Roland "Sonny" Osborne on October 29, 1937

= The Osborne Brothers were one of the most innovative and popular bluegrass groups of the post-war era, taking the music into new directions and gaining a large audience. Among their most notable achievements are their pioneering, inventive use of amplification, twin harmony banjos, double-tracked vocals, steel guitars, and drums. They were the first bluegrass group to expand the genre's sonic palette in such a fashion.

Bobby and Sonny Osborne were born in Hyden, Kentucky, but raised in Dayton, Ohio. As children, their father instilled a love for traditional music. Bobby picked up the electric guitar as a teenager, playing in various local bands. A few years after, younger brother Sonny taught himself the five string banjo. In 1949, Bobby formed a duo with banjoist Larry Richardson. The pair were hired by a West Virginian radio station and stayed in the state for a while, eventually hooking up with the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers. Du...

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