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"Otep" is a female-fronted, four-piece heavy metal/rapcore band from Los Angeles, California. Witnessing a brief live performance impressed Sharon Osbourne enough for Otep to land a spot on Ozzfest before signing onto a label. Otep's lyrics often involve pain and abuse.

Otep has performed at Ozzfest in 2001, 2002 and 2004.

*''Jihad'' (EP) (2001)

*''Sevas Tra'' (2002)

*''House of Secrets'' (2004)

*''Wurd Becomes Flesh'' (EP) (2005)

*''Untitled Third Album'' (2006)

As of July 2006, the band is in New Orleans recording the third album.

Jihad Era

*Otep Shamaya (Vocals)

*Tarver Marsh (Guitars)

*Matt "Spooky" Damon (Guitars)

*"Evil" J. McGuire (Bass)

*Mark "Moke" Bistany (Drums)

Sevas Tra Era

*Otep Shamaya (Vocals)

*Rob Patterson (Guitars)

*"Evil" J. McGuire (Bass)

*Mark "Moke Bistany (Drums)

House Of Secrets Era

*Otep Shamaya (Vocals)

*Lisardo "Lee" Rios (Guitars)

*"Evil" J. McGuire (Bass)

*Doug Pellerin (Drums)

* Otep official site

* Fansite

* Polish Fansite

* German Fansite

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current members Brian Wolff,
Evil J,
Otep Shamaya,
Karma Cheema
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