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Janove Ottesen

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"Janove Ottesen" (born 1975, formerly Jan Ove Ottesen) is a Norwegian musician, born in Bryne, Rogaland. Norway. He specializes in vocals, guitar and barrels. Ottesen gave up his military training for the sake of his beloved pump organ. Janove is behind many of Kaizers Orchestra's songs. The energy he displays during shows has helped Kaizers Orchestra earn the reputation of being a good live band. Janove is always busy writing material for Kaizers Orchestra as well as for solo film projects and for his solo music career. He is married with two children. He is the most popular performer in Kaizers Orchestra.

Janove was given a guitar by his grandmother as a young boy. Bryne, being the small town that it was, young Janove had nothing to do but play guitar and soccer. Janove and his friend Geir Zahl began writing music in his cellar. From this cooperation strange lyrics and songs emerged, most being recorded on a cheap tape recorder. From there Blod, Sn├ątt og Juling came into existence. In 1994 they produced their first studio tape ''En glad tunnel''. Sadly only 50 copies were sold, but for their second album...

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