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Ottmar Liebert

Ottmar Liebert

"Ottmar Liebert" is a German-born composer and guitarist, who leads an ''ensemble'' called Luna Negra ("Black Moon") that has gained notoriety performing as a touring band, and recording music albums in a "New Flamenco" style, mixing elements of flamenco with jazz, bossa nova, Hindu meditation music, and other genres.

Luna Negra's music can be difficult to categorize, which is a fact fostered by the artists themselves. The albums are usually placed in the ''New Age'' section at record stores, or under world music from Spain. Ottmar Liebert has recorded with Luna Negra since 1990, sometimes preferring all-at-once, live recording, and disregarding customary studio resources like editing, overdubbing, etc. but surprisingly achieving high quality results nonetheless. Ottmar describes Luna Negra as a "rubber band"--it changes with the seasons, members are always coming in and out. The band differs markedly when on tour from the one that gathers to record in studios. The only constant members are Ottmar himself and bassist Jon Gagan. Brother Stefan Liebert has contributed only ocassionally.

Ottmar, a Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling guitarist and composer, has always b...

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