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The band "OURS" is the creation of Singer Jimmy Gnecco Guitarist Dave Milone Drummer Tony Angerson and Bassist Scott Greco. Since its creation in 1990, the lineup has evolved but Gnecco has always felt that having a stable group of individuals who could play off each other was important. In high school, Gnecco was in the band ''Lost Child'' and later, ''The Harmony Bandits'' (which eventually evolved into what is now ''OURS''). Around 1992-1994, ''OURS'' released their first album titled ''Sour'' under their own label entitled "Beatnik records" owned by Mike Marri who produced Sour. Afterwards, the band dissolved and would not reform again for several years. In 1997, Gnecco started ''OURS'' again and quickly drew industry attention. A label bidding war ensued and finally OURS was signed with DreamWorks Records. After 4 years, OURS released their first album, ''Distorted Lullabies'', in 2001. ''Precious'' followed in 2002 and was promoted by DreamWorks. A new, as-of-yet untitled album is slated for late 2006 on Geffen Records.

Former members:

Dave Milone, Tony Angerson, Scott Greco, Anthony DeMarco, Kirke Jan, Pit (Jimmy's brother)

The band's current touring li...

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